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Tyler and Jackie's Wedding Photo Booth - Bar RC Ranch, Venice, FL

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

We had this event highlighted on the calendar because we knew it was gong to be a special one. Tyler and Jackie know a lot of people in this town so we knew i would be BIG. I've known Tyler for years, he is my mechanic after all. Tyler is the proud owner of Leopolds Truck and Auto Repair over on Seaboard Ave. He's done a lot of work for my family and friends over the years and he's always treated us like family.

Tyler and Jackie chose a very special place for the wedding venue, the Bar RC Ranch in Venice. It's was a beautiful choice with plenty of space to stretch out. They had picked me out a beautiful spot along the trees to set up the Photo Booth for the evening, right next to a mysterious tent no one knew why was there. More on that later. They chose our Open Air Photo Booth and built A PALLET WALL for the background! We just love country weddings!

After running the booth for a couple hours, a truck pulled up and unloaded... a mechanical bull!!! What an amazing evening. They built the biggest bonfire I had ever seen and top it all off with a fireworks display that was heard throughout the entire town of Venice. It was a fitting end.

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