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Our Booths

We care about the quality of our product, so every Venice Photo Booth comes equipped with a high end Canon DSLR Camera, photo lab quality prints in less than 15 seconds and unlimited sessions for everyone who visits the Booth.  All our attendants are professionally trained by Meg&Mike Photography to operate our booths in any lighting condition, so you can relax and know your getting studio quality portraits in every session!  We even host all your images in an Online Photo Gallery with free high resolution digital images downloads and print options.

Our Classic Booth with a modern look! The wraparound curtain allows a private atmosphere for a couple but can allow more than 8 to squeeze in for some fun. Curtain & rod can be removed to create a fully open air booth in just moments.  Extremely reliable, our Enclosed Photo Booth has been our primary booth and is always the life of the party! Classic, Timeless, and Totally Awesome! Comes in White or Black.

Traditional Enclosed Photo Booth