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Wein and Rashmi’s Wedding Photo Booth, Edson Keith Mansion, Phillippi Park, Sarasota, FL

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

What a day this was! Tripled event days are always a little challenging but they are also so much fun. Personally, I love event days. I wake up super motivated, grab my coffee and head out to the garage to check in and load equipment, coordinate with our rock star staff and send out friendly reminders to our guests letting them know how great the day will be.

I had been looking forward to Wein and Rashmi's wedding day for a while, The Edson Keith Mansion is such a beautiful venue and we just love Phillippi Park. I will typically arrive to an event extra early to get set up and have some time to spare before the booth starts running. Early afternoon rain washed away any chance I was going to have for an easy breezy set up day. The rain caused the event planner to completely change game plans and move us, and the bar, into the little library area giving a very small window to get all equipment in and set up before cocktail hour. I just love a challenge!

Wein and Rashmi had requested an Open Air Booth with our shimmery sequin silver background. I had managed to get everything all set up and as soon as my last test strip printed out, the library doors burst open and a lot of thirsty people flooded the room. The next three hours were kind of a blur. We were packed in tight like sardines so I was on my toes all night, keeping the guests moving and the prop table tidy.

This crew was on point from the jump, utilizing not only the props on the table, but just about everything they could find in the room, including books, bottles from the bar and anything they could bring in from the dance floor. Hey, what ever it takes to make your night unforgettable, we are game!

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